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8 Day Challenge

by Stephany Fry, Museum Educator
October 14, 2022

Take the 8 Day Sukkot Challenge!

Sukkot simultaneously commemorates the forty years that the Jewish people wandered the desert and marks the end of the harvest when people come together to share their abundance with one another and ensure everyone has enough to sustain them.

Sukkot is a time to think about how we can take action to protect our planet and make sustainable choices to preserve resources and ensure there is enough harvest for the future. Come together with family and friends to take the 8 Day Sukkot Challenge during the celebration of Sukkot to be more sustainable and save Earth’s harvest.

Need more background on Sukkot? Enjoy BimBam’s animated explanation featuring LEGOs:

Not sure how to get started?

Look at the following suggested sustainable habits and resources:

  1. Learn more about composting in DC
  2. Learn more about plant-based foods with the Plant Based Food Association
  3. Tips to Reduce Food Waste
  4. Ideas for how to repurpose products
  5. Is This Recyclable? / Washington DC Recycling Fact Sheet
  6. Find your Local Farmers Market
  7. Find the Food Pantry Nearest You
  8. DC Student Guide to Volunteering / DC Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism and Partnerships

Create a plan with 8 sustainable habits that you can make at home. Download our guide.

Check them off as they’re accomplished. We’ve gotten you started with a suggestion in the first box.

Whether the challenge is completed in 8 days, 8 weeks or 8 months the choice to make sustainable habits will make a difference in your community’s resources.