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Past Event

History Happy Hour: Hanukkah and Holiday Traditions at the White House

Thursday, December 7, 2023 6pm

President Carter lights a menorah in Lafayette Square across from the White House, December. 17, 1979. Capital Jewish Museum Collection. Gift of the Washington Jewish Week.


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When was the first National Menorah? Was it well-received? How did Hanukkah at the White House change over time, and what does the White House menorah look like now?

Sarah Fling, historian at the White House Historical Association, and Sarah Leavitt, curator at the Capital Jewish Museum, will toast the holiday season with you, as they delve into stories of White House holiday traditions and how Hanukkah has been a part of our national celebrations over the years. Don’t miss out on this festive episode of History Happy Hour on Thursday, December 7th, at 6:00 pm ET!

History Happy Hour is a biweekly virtual program hosted by the White House Historical Association. Join us as experts weigh in on a variety of historical topics, share their insights, answer audience questions, and enjoy presidential-inspired libations.

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