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Renovation study to identify light fixtures in the historic synagogue.

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Decisions, Decisions…

1903 interior of the Synagogue Our starting point is a grainy black-and-white photograph of the historic Adas Israel sanctuary circa 1903. If… (Read more)

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Lloyd Wolf: Capturing Our Community 

Lloyd Wolf with partner Ruth Stromberg participating in the 16th Street Vigil with other members of Fabrangen. November 27, 2020.

Judith Martin's 1967 press ID

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Judith Martin, a Reporter in a Party Dress 

Judith Martin is a journalist who was a writer for the women’s section of the Washington Post, an early version of what is now known… (Read more)

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Racial Equity and Anti-Racism work in Museums

Photo courtesy of CJM Museum Educator Stephany Fry. Over the summer of 2020 it became impossible for museums to ignore calls for… (Read more)

Black and white photo of the Freedom Sunday rally in Washington DC, featuring a crowd of mostly caucasian participants dressed in winter clothing. Center of the photo is a protest sight that reads: Gorbachev, LET MY PEOPLE GO

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Freedom Sunday and Activism Today 

The streets of Washington D.C. are not unfamiliar to the feet of protestors and activists who have assembled upon them for years to fight for… (Read more)

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Sacred Spaces are Where the Heart is 

As we approach month ten of quarantine, we also approach the end-of-year holiday season. For most Americans this means Christmas;… (Read more)

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Following shortly after Thanksgiving, it feels like the right time of year to share appreciation and gratitude. I feel an… (Read more)

Political buttons for Elizabeth Warren using Hebrew

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Political Pins and Jewish Voters

In this current election cycle (Nov 2020), I miss seeing people display their candidate pins on their clothing or backpacks and shoulder bags. We… (Read more)

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A Life of Service

The core exhibition in our new museum will invite visitors to consider how we make meaningful change in our community,… (Read more)

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A Beautiful Day in the (Virtual) Neighborhood

Back in March, we all found ourselves shutting our doors and sheltering in place as COVID-19 swept across the U.S. The… (Read more)