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Why I Love What I Do

August 3, 2020

In a recent exhibition research conversation with a key local and international leader from the Greater Washington Jewish community, I was reminded of the word Kehilla (community)Kehillah speaks to my heart. It is why I decided to pursue Social Work and Jewish Communal Service 25 years ago. 

The model I embraced at the time consisted of three concentric circles. The inside circle was the individual, the second larger circle was the group and then the third and largest circle was the community. I discovered that I wanted to drive change from the individual level to the macro community level. I yearned to make the world a better place and I knew my professional path was to build and strengthen the American Jewish community.  

How perfectly fitting that I am able to be part of the team building the Capital Jewish Museum which explores the intersection of personal identity, the larger community and civic engagement! 

Below, some personal favorite communal photos from the historic Synagogue Move January 9, 2019. 

Carolyn Alper Z”L and Tina Small

Mitch Berliner, Jeffrey Menick, Ronni Farber, Michelle Malet and Ted Farber, former Executive of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington











Jewish continuity is another compelling motivation for me professionally, having worked for Hillel in the area of Jewish Engagement. I am thrilled the Capital Jewish Museum will inspire future generations of school children and families to connect, reflect and act upon what it means to be Jewish. In two short years, the museum will be full of school groups and families from the Washington region and beyond exploring the permanent exhibit and finding pathways to connect to their American Jewish heritage.

Lastly, I am able to serve as a positive role model for my daughters. Like their grandmother and great grandmother, I embrace the value of kehillah and I want to teach them the importance of service and giving back.

My children and a friend in front of the Synagogue.

Synagogue children looking on at the excitement of a historic synagogue on wheels!










My youngest in thinking about the museum expressed, “Since I have been alive, there has not been a Jewish Museum celebrating Jewish life in Washington, D.C. People can see the neat architecture and be educated about Jewish history. They can learn from the past and what we hope for the future.”

Bravo! Building community and inspiring future generations. This is why I love what I do.