Gichner Iron Works

This past February, I started digging into the history of Maryland iron furnaces, a quest that has led us into the woods and next to streams in search of the towering brick structures I’d never noticed in the landscape before. To be honest, before February, I didn’t even realize that Maryland had much of an Read More

Time is Running Out

If you’ve checked your email lately, and if you’ve ever given money to a political party or a candidate, you’ve surely noticed a lot of requests for volunteers and increasingly desperate calls for money. I was on vacation last week, not checking email—something I highly recommend, incidentally—and came back to approximately 40,003 emails from the Read More

The Origin of Honeyed Chicken

Join us at the Capital Jewish Food Festival for Michael Twitty’s analysis of the origin of a recipe drawn from our collection.   Recipe: Honeyed Chicken, Ruth Sackadorf Image: “Jewish Creative Cooking: 200 years of Jewish Cooking in American” compiled by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, 1975. Capital Jewish Museum collection. Gift of Read More