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Artwork: No Plan Studio

The Whole Spiel

525,600 Minutes

How do you measure a year? 1 beautiful new Museum 2 historic Torah scrolls 25 public programs 80 new collections… (Read more)

"Screw the Patriarchy" corkscrew given to members of Congress by members of National Council of Jewish Women lobbying on The Hill, 2020. Capital Jewish Museum Collection. Gift of National Council of Jewish Women.

The Whole Spiel

Claiming Space for Women 

Happy Women’s History Month! Designated in 1987, this “holiday” is even younger than the former Jewish Historical Society of Greater… (Read more)

Liora Newman, Education Assistant, in the
Community Action Lab, December 2023.

The Whole Spiel

Introducing Liora Newman, Education Assistant

Liora Newman, Education Assistant and Avodah Jewish Service Corps member, recently graduated from Carleton College with a B.A. in History…. (Read more)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg feature in "Connect. Reflect. Act." galleries. / Visitors in the historic sanctuary. / An intern cataloguing and digitizing images from the collection. / Students in "What is Jewish Washington?" galleries. / Students in "Connect. Reflect. Act." exhibition. / Michael Twitty and Susan Barocas in "Connect. Reflect. Act." exhibition. / GatherDC members in the Community Action Lab. Photo: Aryeh Schwartz; Aryeh Photo / GatherDC members in the lobby. Photo: Aryeh Schwartz; Aryeh Photo / Members and donors at an event for the Museum's grand opening. Photo: Daniel Swartz / CJM Block Party, Sep 2023. Photo: Chris Firenzi Photography

The Whole Spiel

Celebrating our 2023 Accomplishments

Look at what you helped make possible! Our galleries are alive with locals and tourists, taking in the breadth of… (Read more)

Color photograph of the interior of Katz’s Kosher Supermarket at 20 University Blvd East, July 1970. Capital Jewish Museum Collection. Gift of Alex Mates.

The Whole Spiel

The Story of Katz’s Kosher Supermarket

Thanks to a very special NEW additional match challenge from board member Gene Sofer and his wife Judith Bartnoff, all… (Read more)

Brady Daniller

The Whole Spiel

Welcome Brady Daniller, Director of Operations

Brady Daniller, a Maryland native, comes to the Museum from the National Museum of American Jewish Heritage with experience in… (Read more)

Malki Karkowsky, Chief Advancement Officer. Photo: Aryeh Schwartz

The Whole Spiel

So That Your Generations Will Know

We are now celebrating Sukkot, the Feast of the Tabernacles, one of only three pilgrimage holidays in the Torah when… (Read more)

Cornerstone laying, Jewish Community Center, 16th and Q Streets NW in 1925. Capital Jewish Museum Collection, Jewish Community Center Collection.

Cornerstone laying, Jewish Community Center, 16th and Q Streets NW in 1925. Capital Jewish Museum Collection, Jewish Community Center Collection.

The Whole Spiel


What does it mean to open a museum? I mean that in the existential way—of course I now have some… (Read more)

Promotional poster for Whitman-Walker Clinic's safe sex campaign featuring photography by Lloyd Wolf. Gift of Lloyd Wolf. Capital Jewish Museum collection.

The Whole Spiel

Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s probably not true that all museum curators think about sex all the time (at least not at work). However,… (Read more)

Two educators and two interns are collaboratively working at a large table in the museum's temporary offices, Spring 2022.

Education staff and interns meeting to prepare interpretive programs, February 2022

The Whole Spiel

Spring 2022 Education Internship Projects 

Internships provide important opportunities for students to translate their educational insights into real-world projects. Opportunities to participate in the development… (Read more)